The Rhythmic Arts Project


Expect Intelligence

From a teaching perspective, never approach a student with any preconceived notions as to their level of ability. Whether that child/young adult, is neurotypical or disabled, we are all intellectually different. Let’s not judge anyone by the way they appear, looks are deceiving. Given we approach this person expecting intelligence, with openness, trust and above all, kindness, miracles can happen. They may have a capacity for emotional knowledge, imagination, and creativity beyond our own comprehension. More times than not, we are likely to walk away surrounded by light, love, and a newfound proficiency in our teaching skills.

 Always expect intelligence.




TRAP Learning Curriculum

The methodology is based in perceptual motor match, visual, tactile, and auditory combined with speech. We can see, feel and hear the lessons and simultaneously speak the answers. Introducing this rhythmic concept gives participants a fun way to approach basic life skills and scholastics that is as enjoyable to learn, as it is to teach; a win-win situation all around.

TRAP Learning – Drums

The TRAP drum package, TRAP curriculum and individual personal TRAP dejembes can be viewed by Clicking Here. Contact us directly for ordering any of these items.

TRAP Learning – E-Book

The online curriculum is comprehensive, offering a wide range of lessons targeting a variety of individuals, including the Intellectual and Developmentally Disabled populations, Children’s Cancer Wards, Rehabilitation Centers, Alzheimer’s Facilities, and Typical Preschools, as well as the lower grades in Elementary School.