And then this happened

Cancer, really? that just doesn’t resonate. With all the cards I’ve been dealt and played, I never thought this piece of crap disease would be one of them, ever. Ok, so, where does one begin to acknowledge this reality? Denial isn’t in the realm of possibility after the number of doctors, biopsies. blood tests, and […]


It’s an astonishing continuum of light and shadows. The light is exhilarating while the shadows often hold the deepest meaning. Physical adversity, profound illness, and life-threatening events hold a vast spectrum of experience and learning, given your willingness to accept the twist of fate. Easier said than done, I agree, but when facing this with […]

A Bit of Wisdom

You know, we take so many things for granted in life. At this moment I scratched my nose, stopped, and thought how precious the ability to do that. When they found me at the edge of the ocean that day where God so gently placed me, I had no physical prowess whatsoever, I was totally […]