Carri Gault, M.Ed.

As a Special Educator, I feel so fortunate to have met Eddie in 2013! Since then I have collaborated with Para educators, Occupational Therapists, Eddie and his TRAP team and teachers, to practice using the drums as a teaching tool. Having worked with young and older students in my teaching career, I have seen first hand how students’ faces light up with smiles, they connect with the facilitator, they participate and engage during lessons more often, they learn how to spell and count.

These are only a few of the miracles I have observed while using TRAP. ALL students benefit from the Visual, Tactile, Auditory, Speech methodology of teaching social and academic skills through the binder TRAP provides, and just recently the online tutorial eBook which provides video modeling for facilitators. My life and my students’ lives have been forever enriched with The Rhythm Arts Project!