The insecurity of youth creates its own kind of façade that prevents us from fully appreciating what we see and hear in other artists.

Years ago I dabbled in the music merchant business which perversely led to a leveling of my own ego.
To promote other players meant truly listening and believing in their talent.
I came to know a much deeper respect for my peers, a respect that lifted me higher in my own pursuit of confidence and calm.
A tremendous insight in lessening the I, Me and Mine in everything I did in life.

We are surrounded by deeply gifted artists who can move us to reach our fullest potential when we get out of our own way.

To take oneself out of the equation puts us in a position to be encouraged rather than fearful. What a waste of time fear is.

For me, playing with my friends today is a gift not to mention somewhat of a miracle in my case. That they embrace me as a friend and as a musician means everything to me.

The Rhythmic Arts Project has given me purpose and direction that has healed my body, mind, and spirit beyond comprehension. To play music surrounded by love and benevolence is proof that kindness and compassion always wins. I love and respect all the musicians, volunteers and friends who support TRAP and all the teachers and facilitators working with us around the world to make life a little better for those we serve.

Thank you ….