On-Site Training

On -Site Training at your organization or classroom

  • This is preparation for a typical syllabus in a two-day training. In the event we have already trained, and this is a follow up, a one- day training may suffice. Once you’ve accessed the digital book, please watch all videos and read all the literature in at least the first level of the book. This will make our first day go easily and will make it fun as well.
  • You should have been instructed as to how to access the digital book, if no one has provided this information, please ask.  Eddie / 805 680 4219
Children learning music

If you would like for us to travel to you, this requires a little homework and preparation. In preparation for our training there are a few very important things to consider:

1: We will need a quiet room (a board room, conference room, or something similar). We will also need access to the internet and a monitor to play videos.

2: We will facilitate a class where you will become your students in the first part of the day. We will put you in their shoes, so you’ll experience what it’s like and what you’re asking them to accomplish. We’ll have a few laughs too, I promise.

3: In the first part of the afternoon we will reiterate what we learned in the morning session, answer any questions you might have, and then I will demonstrate an actual class with your students.

4: This formula will continue throughout the two-day seminar. In the second day, you, the new facilitator will be doing much of the teaching with guidance and direction from the trainer.

Though we teach everyone at every level of ability, we ask that in this circumstance you choose students who can follow directions and who are not displaying any significant behavioral problems. This so that we may demonstrate the facilitation and move through the curriculum easily and substantially. Please feel free to ask any questions pertaining to this suggestion. 

For many years, The Rhythmic Arts Project has been successful and continues to inspire students and staff alike in large part due to an extraordinary group of people who work tirelessly in the pursuit of a better life for people with Intellectual and Developmental Differences.

We at TRAP headquarters advocate that strong leadership is essential to the success of the program.  Without such participation, guidance and accountability, the program will likely not achieve its potential. With it, success and the joy, growth and satisfaction that comes with it is inevitable.


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