An Emotional Moment

An emotional moment is a collection of avid thoughts and moving experiences that culminate in an instant. When we are surrounded by kindness, empathy and unconditional service to others, that insight can be overwhelming. I’ve been caught up in such moments repeatedly during my recent visit to Ecuador. I am exceedingly fortunate to have many […]

And then this happened

Cancer, really? that just doesn’t resonate. With all the cards I’ve been dealt and played, I never thought this piece of crap disease would be one of them, ever. Ok, so, where does one begin to acknowledge this reality? Denial isn’t in the realm of possibility after the number of doctors, biopsies. blood tests, and […]


The insecurity of youth creates its own kind of façade that prevents us from fully appreciating what we see and hear in other artists. Years ago I dabbled in the music merchant business which perversely led to a leveling of my own ego. To promote other players meant truly listening and believing in their talent. […]