You know, we take so many things for granted in life. At this moment I scratched my nose, stopped, and thought how precious the ability to do that. When they found me at the edge of the ocean that day where God so gently placed me, I had no physical prowess whatsoever, I was totally paralyzed. Just minutes before that I was privileged to see another world, a much kinder and soothing world where the true essence of Love prevailed. It was like being in a pool of unconditional love, Like soaking in God’s hot tub. I must admit I was disappointed, after just a glimpse of such serenity I was sent back. That instant in time revealed more spiritually than the sum of all my experience in my life. I thought about what I might say on the last page of my book for some time now, should I ever finish it. I think it best if I leave you with much Love and this bit of Tibetan wisdom;

All suffering comes from cherishing ourselves

All happiness comes from cherishing others