In regard to what it is I believe. I believe in God and I believe in love, which I truly believe to be one in the same. My prayers are very simple, I pray that I can understand a little more about love every day. My intuition dictates that I don’t dwell on the past nor the future yet what is in front of me, in the now. I haven’t anything at all to preach about. I strive to be silent enough to hear what my heart is trying to tell me, and I believe that action speaks louder than words. I choose to turn energy foolishly wasted on anger, judgement and ego into acceptance, firstly accepting that I am human and incapable of perfection. If I have learned anything, it is that true satisfaction and self worth is found in service to others. Love encompasses everything in life and beyond, as my prayers are answered the gifts of understanding, compassion and knowledge are infinite. Love is not an option. It is the very essence of life.