It’s an astonishing continuum of light and shadows. The light is exhilarating while the shadows often hold the deepest meaning. Physical adversity, profound illness, and life-threatening events hold a vast spectrum of experience and learning, given your willingness to accept the twist of fate. Easier said than done, I agree, but when facing this with […]

A Bit of Wisdom

You know, we take so many things for granted in life. At this moment I scratched my nose, stopped, and thought how precious the ability to do that. When they found me at the edge of the ocean that day where God so gently placed me, I had no physical prowess whatsoever, I was totally […]


What is it about adversity that changes one’s heart and in doing so enhances their ability to enact positive change. Is this hardship and difficulty some kind of prerequisite to the incentive? Why do you suppose God would rub shoulders with such seemingly lost souls who most folks would deem undeserving? Benevolence is a gift […]


 Dion & Eddie “The Drummers hand Shake” To espouse a sense of importance is too often the case when unrefined talent is misconstrued as an entitlement. Talent is like faith, without works it avails us nothing, nothing but ego. When talent is distinguished, it is the ego that is all too often espoused. Balance is a […]


I’ve mentioned that a Thread of Kindness connects our TRAP students no matter where they are or what belief they hold dear. No matter what language they speak or what culture they embrace, they don’t see race, origin or religion. When we look in their eyes it’s always God we see in the reflection. Kindness […]

It’s not enough

It’s not enough to provide shelter, food, and clothing for our friends with Intellectual differences. Preparing them to be successful in the typical world requires education. When we teach our friends to be successful in the social realm, it means teaching them the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic as well as social skills and […]